Awakening our empathy

In a world driven by modern technology, we have created a tremendous socialization actor and agent that has indoctrinated us without second thought.Bombarded with deplorable and reprehensible imagery from the mass media, we have become desensitized to how cruel and callous our world is.

Even more tragic is the fact that we were not idle actors throughout its actualization.We may have never conceived of structuring such a world,but the truth remains inviolate when we face the mirror and realize we’ve all been active participants in its actualization.Our sympathies make our hearts ache for those in dire need;kids whom are afflicted by famine in third-world countries,abused puppies looking for a home on ASPCA commercials,and veterans who died in service coming back home to grieving families.

Even more pervasive are the global news that cover the breadth and eclecticism of our base inhumanity;radical fundamentalists terrorizing and devastating those who will not adopt their worldview,rapidly increasing murder rates in the most dangerous cities across the nation, and the astonishing indifference and brashness our politicians have when addressing these issues through vapid rhetoric during campaigns in order to profit off of societal dysfunction and political contention.

And yet,we continue to live our lives as if everything is alright.Our sympathies for the poverty-stricken orphan kid whose single mother was shot to death when she got caught in the midst of a drive-by shooting,is not there tomorrow.It is now with the victims of those murdered during the Paris attacks.And yet,our sympathies will not remain loyal to them until another calamity closer to home takes place.Such as the massacre at the Planned Parenthood clinic in Colorado.

And what awaits us will further shake our fickle sympathies for the worse when our controlled mainstream media bombards us with the same fear-driven imagery.This socialization of the media enables us to forget our very essence, our humanity.Our intuitive capacities.Our creativity.Our mental faculties.All uniquely ours and acquired by our ancestors in a much more primitive world thousands of years ago.They are all diminished and even lay dormant due to the social conditioning the elitist globalists have engineered through the most powerful medium of communication ever invented.

And yet here I am, blogging about this dull and socially manufactured reality.Paradoxically using the same medium to denounce the uninhibited damage it has caused while utilizing it to inform and spread a message.About an intuitive capacity that rests dormant throughout our daily programming,but one that can undo the damage and pain caused: empathy.

Our empathy is what essentially makes us human.It’s our ability to understand the shared experience we all have.The ability to understand the pain we have all shared as inhabitants this depraved reality has inflicted upon us.It needs to be awakened if we are to heal ourselves.The illusion of separation needs to be shattered.We are not autonomous entities that exist outside of each other’s worlds.From a relativistic standpoint,the larger the degree your indifference and fickle sympathies are, the larger your illusion of separation. These.These degrees of separation are what have enabled us to live hypocritically as consumerists who have little to no regard for nature and our fellow man. Anthropocentrism leads to egoism and thinly veiled narcissism-this makes our character weak.To awaken your capacity to empathize,you need to be a realist who sees the levers and the pulleys the social machine uses.One must shatter the illusion of independence and embrace the inner reality that we are interdependent and social beings who can enrich our lives on this earth before it is too late.

“Inner reality and anomalous outer experiences show us a side of reality that others are oblivious to, and so begins their journey of awakening.”-Henri Bergson

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